Shoes for fitness and comfort

STAYING fit and healthy is a critical part of our quality of life. Balancing your diet with regular exercise is a key component of this. Something as simple as a regular walk is an effective way to keep healthy.

Bayside has specialized in comfort shoes and runners whether you need orthotic friendly and large size shoes for work, play or a special event and we pride ourselves on finding a solution that will meet your specific shoe needs and budget.



Alegria has recently launched a unique range of footwear called TRAQ which is the next evolution in wellness. This is the first walking shoe with an integrated pedometer that instantly syncs with your smart phone and gives you feedback on how much walking exercise that you have done.

This shoe incorporates the Alegria signature footbed which is ergonomically designed to fit the natural contours of your feet and relieve stress on your legs, hips and back from long hours on your feet.

This signature footbed contains a specially formulated soft polyurethane cork and memory foam and is lined with supple leather to ensure maximum foot support and comfort.

If you are on your feet all day, Alegria and its new light weight, sporty and colourful TRAQ range of shoes offer you great all day comfort and happy feet.