“Jacoform feels like walking barefoot on a sandy beach”

Spoil yourself with Danish hand crafted shoes that deliver unbelievable foot comfort, rugged durability and a sense of freedom.

The concept behind the Jacoform shoe was to develop a shoe that fits optimally to the foot and its function, is durable and of high quality. Jacoform was created collaboratively between Professor Jørgen Keller an orthopaedic specialist and Gerhard Lehman a shoe designer. It is a hand lasted tubular moccasin in premium leather featuring two handed rugged stitching that takes 7 hours to hand make each shoe. 

Jacoform is made without a corner and with a flat sole to provide a natural walking gait and freedom for your feet.  It is the perfect walking shoe due to the design of the outer sole reflecting a natural heel strike, roll & take off so that there is no jolt or jarring of the foot.

The shoe has natural felt between the innersole and outer sole that captures the customized footprint of the wearer that is the equivalent to your footprint in the sand. These shoes are still hand crafted in Denmark from natural high quality leather and available in half sizes from European size 5 to 12.

Another unique comfort shoe is the Arcopedico range designed and manufactured in Portugal from a patented vegan material that moulds to your feet and removes any pressure from bunions or foot malformation. 

The Arcopedico brand can be identified by three basic traits: the Techno-Elastic upper, an anatomic footbed, and the twin arch support system. Due to its patented design and cushioning system, an Arcopedico shoe offers benefits that other brands simply cannot.

Wearing an Arcopedico shoe will actually exercise your foot, strengthen the muscles, and ensure more comfort in walking. The tops of your feet will breathe easy and your soles will want to keep walking long after you’ve stopped.

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